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If you are searching to learn about how to play pixelmon mod, then I must say you are in the right article.

In this article, I have shared how to play Pixelmon mod along with how to install this mod. Additionally, I have shared some tips to improve your gameplay.

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What is Pixelmon Mod

What is Pixelmon Mod

Firstly, let’s know what pixelmon mod is.

Pixelmon mod is a Minecraft modification that brings Pokemon into your game. This mod allows you to catch and train Pokemon in the Minecraft universe. This game gives you the experience of both Minecraft and Pokemon franchises.

How to install pixelmon Mod

To enjoy this game, you need to install this on your computer. You can simply follow the following steps to install this mod.

  • Firstly, download a forge that matches your Microsoft version.
  • Then, start the forge on your PC and choose “Install Client”.
  • After clicking “Install Client”, choose your Minecraft directory.
  • Download the latest pixelmon mod version from the internet.
  • Now launch the Minecraft launcher and select the forge profile you have installed.
  • This action will create the necessary folder, and close the game.
  • Now find the “mods” folder in the Minecraft directory.
  • Just place the downloaded pixelmon mod in this folder.
  • Now, start enjoying the mod.

You can follow the following steps to install pixelmon mod on your PC.

How to play pixelmon mod

To play pixelmon mod, you need to install it. You can do this using the steps given above.

You need to know some commands to play this game.

Here is a list of basic commands.

  1. /pokeheal

This command heals the Pokemon in the game.

  1. /pc

It opens the pixelmon pc for managing your pixelmon team.

  1. /pokedex

It opens the pokedex in the game to get information about any Pokemon.

  1. /pokebattle [player]

It starts a battle with another player in the game.

  1. /spawn

It teleports you to the world spawn point.

  1. /evs [reset/add/set] [stat] [amount]

This command controls the effort values (EVs) of your pixelmon mod.

  1. /ivs [reset/set] [stat] [amount]

This command controls the individual values (IVs) of your pixelmon mod.

  1. /breed [player]

It starts a pixelmon breeding process with another play in your pixelmon mod.

  1. /legendary

It spawns the legendary Pixelmons in the game.

  1. /dexsearch [criteria]

This command searches a pixelmon in pokedex under certain criteria.

These were some basics that you need to be aware of before playing this mod.

After installing and using these commands, you can play the pixelmon Mod.

The simple way to learn more about this mod is to experience the game on your own.

Tips to improve your Gameplay

You can follow the following tips to improve your pixelmon mod gameplay.

  • Capture and train various Pokemon and build your team in pixelmon mod.
  • Learn about base stats such as EVs and IVs.
  • Explore diverse environments to find various types of pixelmons.
  • Get aware of the different types of advantages of various Pokemon in the game.
  • Explore pixelmon’s breeding to create a more powerful pixelmon’s breed.
  • Keep yourself updated by following creators who post about this game.

These were some tips which could improve your gameplay.


This was the complete article on how to play pixelmon mod. The simple way to know how to play pixelmon is to experience it on your own.

In this article, you have known about the installation process and some basic commands.

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  1. Can you play Pixelmon on Minecraft Mobile?

Unfortunately, this is not available on mobile devices.

  1. What makes Pixelmon Mod unique?

The integration of two games makes it unique.

  1. What’s the purpose of the Pixelmon PC (“/pc”) command?

The purpose of “/pc” is to organise your pixelmon team.


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